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Miyoung Jang

Hi, my name is Miyoung. I am a designer, a creator, and a mother of 3 daughters

My early career background was in Architecture in Seoul, South Korea
Therefore, I am interested in architectural materials or drawing lines 

Whilst I was studying my Masters course in the UK, I experimented with scrap copper to create textures. I sourced my colour palette and images from my copper experiments and applied this onto silk, which were then made into silk scarves and ties. That was my career turning point from Architecture to fashion

I learnt about Upcycling when I collaborated in recycling art and design projects, including local street fashion shows in the uk and in China, with the local community and art students

Recently, I have been inspired by Ellen Macarthur's circular system so I would like to show my journey in becoming a sustainable brand step by step.

Supporters and collaborators

Kyubean -

I would like to introduce my supporter and an artist, Kyubean Nam, who has been supporting most of my main business ideas and brainstorming for MIYOUNG as a maker and a daughter


She is a professional seamstress for 40 years and making my totes


Hindbag -

Hindbag is a French company. Designed in France and manufactured by an Indian NGO, SSMI, which works for the emancipation of women in India.

M.W. Home

MW Home is all passionate about interior styling and have been working with Raine & Humble and ALSO Home to their family in the UK

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Minimal + Sustainable Miyoung Studio

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