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Circular system  

Respect - Rethink - Return - Redesign - Reuse - Reconnection

1. Redesign to reuse
* If you would like to have a small design added to your tote, send your tote back to us to have it redesigned for a small charge (designs includes printed text/design and woven patches)

2. Return to reuse
* When you no longer want to use your totes or crochet bags anymore, return your bags back to us so they have start a new life, and receive a 30% discount for your next order

3. Repair
* If you have any issues with your snap button, send your bag to us to have it repaired and sent back to you

4. We don't use any plastic packaging
 All our bags are made of 100% natural fibres including cotton, linen and wool (except for the quilted bags) and all our packaging is 100% recyclable

To be sustainable, ecological, economical, and socially responsible, I am always working towards more sustainable goals for ourselves and for our earth 💛🌍


Customised weaving design

We are making wall deco art works, bookmarks, coasters, and small wallets by hand weaving with secondhand yarns so leave a message for us if you are interested in.

We Plant a tree for each order

We are delighted to announce that we are planting a tree for each order since November 2022.

At the end of every year, we will update the news for you.

Thank you for supporting 

Miyoung studio

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